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Chuck: The show I miss!

March 27th, 2012

Its been exactly 2 months when I watched final two episode of my favorite TV-series, Chuck. It was around start of Jan 2010 when I first watched this great Action/Comedy/Drama TV series. It was the 3rd season airing then and as a lot of other things in my college life Chuck was introduced to me by Rohit.

At first, I was not much interested, as TV series were never my cup of tea but once I Read more »

eBay with Qt

March 21st, 2012

My cousin sister wanted to learn Qt/QML so I thought it would be better if she starts with some project after learning some basics. I suggested her to try some tutorials from ZetCode. But after hearing about Symbian 2012Q1 contest from me, she insisted me to help her make an entry for the contest. After doing a lot of search and brainstorming we decided we will make a eBay app for Symbian devices. Read more »