Hi, I am Abhishek Kumar, an Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Computer Science & Engineering graduate. I’m a casual programmer or rather application developer by day and an Indian Civil Services aspirant by night. Welcome to my personal website. I developed this website to use it as a platform to express myself and share my not so great work with everyone.

I am a casual programmer or rather application developer, likes to develop applications that I can use myself :) . I don’t like algorithms much but sometimes its good to exercise some neurons, rather I like to work on applications for entertainment and life improvement. Though I love programming especially with , trying to learn some web designing currently, but I don’t see myself as full fledged Computer Engineer in future :)  for too long.

My favorite time pass is killing time :D . I don’t understand why it always keep ticking!!!

I love watching sci-fi, action movies with my friends. And also romantic comedies if they are having someone like Elisha Cuthbert; or bollywood comedies having Akshay Kumar; or serious drama featuring Ajay Devgan; or anything if Hrithik Roshan is in it. So, in all I can see anything :D except watching Uday Chopra act! Or maybe that too if he is opposite someone like Priyanka Chopra

I also love watching sports & sometimes playing too. Cricket is on top of my list and as any other cricket fan, Sachin Tendulkar is my favourite cricketer. I am a fan of WWE, though sometimes it looks fake but still love to watch John Cena wrestle. Was a big fan of The Rock, still miss him.

And how can I forget (TV series). Started following it late, from start of third season but I’m just loving it. Zachary Levi & Yvonne Strahovski rocks!!!

I enjoy working out in gym and try to go gym daily because health is wealth and as Rohit filled on my Codefest profile-”Patle raho, gym jao” :) (Though it should be “Fit raho, gym jao!”

College. Its been 3 years since I stepped here and more I try to hate it, more difficult it becomes! First year was pretty ordinary, second was even more boring than first except for Magnum Opus time. But the third year is so much fun! And maybe I will remember these last few years of my college life as best time of my life.