Bee is a Qt/Cascades based Tumblr app for BB10 platform.

It supports almost all the features that are provided by current Tumblr public v2 API i.e., posting, reblog, editing, like-unlike, follow-unfollow, user followings, blogs, tag search, etc.

Ask and Inbox access is not available through Tumblr API.

It is aimed to be a fully featured Tumblr client for BB10 platform.


  • View dashboard.
  • Create, edit posts.
  • Reblog posts.
  • View user following blogs.
  • Like/unlike posts.
  • Follow/Unfollow blogs.
  • View published, drafts, queued posts of all user blogs.
  • View posts of a particular user.
  • Search tags.

Bee is built using Tumblr’s v2 APIs with custom Qt/C++ wrapper written to access all API methods. Due to this reason, new features can be easily added in it in future.




BlackBerry App World – Bee.


Tumblr provides a limited set of public APIs currently so please have a look at them before requesting new features and criticizing app 🙂

Report problems

There might be some problem areas which you can report here or tweet me @ShwStppr