Attempting QML ListView with pinch zoom: #1

Posted on August 5th, 2017

Pinch-zoomEver since I’ve made my first QML mobile application, FlickrUp for Nokia Symbian, I’ve tried to make an image viewer having list of images that can be pinch zoomed. Something similar to gallery applications. I’ve made a number of half-hearted attempts to make it but had given up maybe a little too soon.

Recently I was working for a client who required something similar for their QML application and finally I had to devote more time and energy on it. Sadly, there is nothing similar to this on web or maybe it is just me not being able to find it. Read more »


Posted on December 16th, 2015

BlackBerry 10 app for livestreaming to nginX-RTMP server. Check out StreamCam BlackBerry App World here.

StreamCam is an open-source project and its source can be found here, /StreamCam

From start itself BlackBerry 10 Cascades framework has not supported loading images to ImageView element directly from web URL. This was really disappointing considering originally QML supports this. It made it really tough to port a number of apps to BlackBerry 10. Thankfully folks at BlackBerry support forum gave a solution, WebImageView. I had been using something similar for my apps ever since.


WebImageView problem. See image in center column repeating twice in 2nd and 4th row.

WebImageView problem. See image in center column repeating twice in 2nd and 4th row.

But WebImageView, for some weird reasons, some problem with QNetworkDiskCache or ListView rendering brings another problem where wrong images are loaded on wrong items when shown in ListView. This is quite annoying when app is running with slower Internet. All my BlackBerry 10 apps used to suffer from this problem. I tried a lot of things, even downloading and saving the image first before loading it to ImageView but nothing worked. But recently I think I’ve found a fix. While using WebImageView when QNetworkReply is finished, I added a check in slot if the reply is for the same url for which it is requested. This worked and I’m really happy now. Now I’m adding this to all my apps for a better experience. Funny how a single line of code can solve long withstanding problem!

Code with this change included can be found on Github at

My start with Android app development

Posted on October 1st, 2015

It was almost end of my time with the startup I was working, finishing my Qt/C++ based desktop application assignment, when I came to know that their Android application is having some major issue with Android Lollipop as it use to crash at start itself. Time was around end of April and although I knew there was some problem with Android app on Lollipop earlier but I cared less as I had my own stuff to take care of and honestly I had absolutely no idea about the problem leave alone the solution to it. But around this time I was bit free and relaxed so I started taking interest in the solution for problem. Read more »