Some Symbian devices are having issue while authorizing app, a fix rather workaround for this problem is already submitted on Nokia store for QA.

Bumblr is a Qt/QML based Tumblr app for Symbian and MeeGo devices.

It supports almost all the features that are provided by current Tumblr public v2 API i.e., posting, reblog, editing, like, unlike, follow, unfollow, user followings, blogs, tag search, etc.

It is aimed to be a fully featured Tumblr client for Symbian and MeeGo platform.


  • View dashboard.
  • Create, edit posts.
  • Reblog posts.
  • View user following blogs.
  • Like/unlike posts.
  • Follow/Unfollow blogs.
  • View published, drafts, queued posts of all user blogs.
  • View posts of a particular user.
  • Search tags.

Bumblr is built using Tumblr’s v2 APIs with custom Qt/C++ wrapper written to access all API methods. Due to this reason, new features can be easily added in it in future.



Demo video


– Fixed web browser:
– Nokia mobile browser:

Free version

– Fixed web browser:
– Nokia mobile browser:


Tumblr provides a limited set of public APIs currently so please have a look at them before requesting new features and criticizing app 🙂

Check them here

  • No options for notifications as Tumblr APIs doesn’t provide any such method currently.
  • Blog followers are not accessible. Fixed in v1.1.0
  • Audios and videos are not played in the app itself.
  • In audio posts only way to add is through Spotify/Soundcloud URL links.
  • Video posts can only be created with an embed URL.
  • Only single photo posts can be created and edited.
  • Post timestamp cannot be changed.
  • GIFs are displayed using QML AnimatedImage element and for done reasons it does not pays all file but works for most.
  • Encoding issue with writing/editing posts. Fixed in v1.1.1
  • App may crash if following blogs are more than 50. Fixed in v1.2.0

Report problems

There might be some problem areas which you can report here or tweet me @ShwStppr