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So here it is, yet another over-priced, good for nothing, outdated, ‘so–called affordable’ WP 7.5 device from a company I once loved called Nokia. Anyone reading this article and is a Microsoft, Windows Phone, new generation Nokia fan please close the current tab unless you are using one of Read more »

Chuck: The show I miss!

March 27th, 2012

Its been exactly 2 months when I watched final two episode of my favorite TV-series, Chuck. It was around start of Jan 2010 when I first watched this great Action/Comedy/Drama TV series. It was the 3rd season airing then and as a lot of other things in my college life Chuck was introduced to me by Rohit.

At first, I was not much interested, as TV series were never my cup of tea but once I Read more »

So much being said and discussed about amount of youth population in our country. India is considered one of the youngest country in the world as our median age comes out to be 25.1 years. Around 60% of our population is considered to be in this category of young people but it is just an irony that despite having so much young talent not even a single person finds himself in any of the top positions in our country. Read more »