WordPress app for BlackBerry 10 devices!

CutePress allows user to manage pages, post, comments, media items, categories and tags on WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Some key features:

Write/edit/delete pages and posts.

Add/delete post categories.

Manage comments – approve/unapprove/spam/delete.

Upload/delete media items.

Embed device images inside post or page.

CutePress store blog data in local database, it will be easier to save drafts locally when Internet connection is not available and update them later.


If using older versions of WordPress, before adding, enable XML-RPC from the admin end. For this go to Dashboard->Settings>Writing->Remote Publishing and check XML-RPC.


CutePress Screenshots


BlackBerry App World – CutePress


CutePress is a Built for Blackberry app on BlackBerry World so you can be assured of quality!