Graffiti is an easy to use whiteboard designed with networking capabilities that has a XML based independent protocol and can be implemented in various other protocols like Bonjour and Jabber. It offers a collaborative space where you can discuss your ideas, share photos and files, discuss presentations or just draw together with peers for fun and learning.


Some key features of “Graffiti”:
  • Raster(Bitmap) based drawing capabilities
  • Tools(pencil, eraser, color picker, clear all, text, line, rectangle, ellipse)
  • Image previewer
  • Network Chatting
  • An automatic peer detection mechanism(kind of ZeroConf) over LAN using UDP broadcasting
  • Multiple image saving formats(bmp, jpg, png, tiff, xbm, xpm, ico etc)
  • Interactive drawing: The name of a peer drawing anything appears below the invisible cursor, while drawing on all other peer’s graffiti, adds fun as you know who’s doing what
  • Partial Image Sharing by importing image to the Graffiti Drawing Area with resizing feature

I did this project with Rohit and my work was mainly limited to GUI and graphics part(Graffiti Area, drawing tools). This was my start with Qt and since then I enjoyed working on it. Although there are some more features which must be implemented to make it a better application. Maybe we will work on them in coming time or maybe not!


Download Graffiti:

Graffiti at

Latest Graffiti for Windows