A month of Mukherjee Nagar

Posted on July 2nd, 2012

So it has been a month for me for leaving my easy and luxurious life at home and living here in Mukherjee Nagar. Mukherjee Nagar, a name the importance of which only an Indian Civil Services aspirant knows, or the various coaching centres here, or the landlords, or the book houses

…Ok all the people living here 🙂

After leaving my job last year I was so-called preparing for Civil Services at home, I knew that I was fooling people and in turn myself but I was loving that. I had all that I needed at my home sweet home and was trying to delay the inevitable. But it happened last month, I joined two big coaching centres here and came to this already over-crowded place which is full of people, mostly from UP & Bihar as usual :), trying to outsmart one another. Last one month has been an adaptation process for me and it was difficult to adjust without things which were easily available to me till last month. But alongwith these difficulties it has been a great learning experience also. The excitement of doing classes is back and I’m learning some amazing things which I was missing earlier.

It is really easy to get lost in the crowd here and sometimes you feel invisible with another 400 people congestedly sitting around you in a not so big classroom. It takes some getting use to see everyone religiously studying/reading their notebooks. This is why I tried to avoid coming here, I hated this environment but now it is getting normal with each day :). Here it is difficult to find a guy or gal (aged between 20 to 30) without those spiral notebooks or a bag or a bunch of books or some handouts or newspaper, in short some study material and sometimes it scares a shit out of me but at last I’m also the part of the same gang :P. The moment you aboard your auto you took from metro station, you start realizing that its not going to be easy. Thanks to the hype and status associated for being an IAS sometimes it really painful to watch many people preparing here. For many people here it is the only thing in the life or maybe it is the life. And I don’t understand why…maybe because I’m not at that stage yet 😛

Another thing, people here talk too much about problems in our Indian system and I don’t understand when the same guys are getting in the system why it is not changing! Maybe because system changes them or maybe because everyone is talking that rubbish and isn’t implementing it. Whatever, I’m not the judge! And they have their Fundamental Rights too 😛

Whatever be the condition, awfully hot and humid, over-crowded or scary, this is the place where I have spend my coming few months and that too without gym, without much of programming, without my dear bed, without home-cooked food and most importantly without home. As Benjamin said or Robert Herrick or whoever No Pain No Gain. Lets see if I can do what everybody here is tryitong for 🙂

Time to study now!

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  1. HEY DOST YES YOU CAN DO IT! Go get it cheif!
    Good know, keep blogging… PS. Don’t find a guy, just find a gal with spiral binded notebooks 😉

    • bhaisab theek kah rahe hain…
      ladki mil gayi to khana bana banaya milega…wo bhi khud khilayegi apko….aur ladkiya dilli me hain bhi bahut…DU ka hostel bhi pas me hi hai…

  2. Hi Abhishek.
    I was browsing the internet and ran into your blog. I’m an aspirant too. I’m currently working in Hyderabad and planning to leave my job in a couple of months and come to Delhi for coaching.

    It would be a favor if you could let me know the cost of living in Mukherjee Nagar/Rajinder Nagar. My savings are meagre and I want to spend frugally. Please give the details of room rent/PG cost, cost incurred on food etc.

    Also, I’ve been searching for good coaching institutes for Pol.Sci. All I hear is about Vajiram and Apex. Have you any idea regarding this?

    Thank you.

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