Chuck: The show I miss!

Posted on March 27th, 2012

Its been exactly 2 months when I watched final two episode of my favorite TV-series, Chuck. It was around start of Jan 2010 when I first watched this great Action/Comedy/Drama TV series. It was the 3rd season airing then and as a lot of other things in my college life Chuck was introduced to me by Rohit.

At first, I was not much interested, as TV series were never my cup of tea but once I watched action scenes of 3rd season’s premiere I was quite amazed and got interested. And so the journey began. Quickly, we grabbed all season-1 and season-2 episodes form DC++. Initially, I decided that we (we means Me, Divakar & Rohit as they were re-watching) will watch one episode a day because otherwise 35 episodes will not last more than 2 days. This went fine for few days and with every episode the Chuck-Sarah chemistry kept getting better. Chuck as a show had everything I needed, action, comedy, geek references, an under-achieved nerd and a sexy, kick-ass heroine! And with all this it started getting over my mind and therefore I decided to finish first two seasons. It was the day before Indian Republic Day, I started my Chuck marathon watching 28 episodes at a stretch. Finishing season-2 was a big relief. Chuck & Sarah were almost together and Chuck had Intersect 2.0! But then began the hard part that is waiting for every episode for a week and to make it even worse, was the storyline of first 8 episodes of season-3 but charm of Chuck for me was such that downloading & watching a new episode became more important for me than even my exams. Tuesdays of my 6th, 7th & 8th semester of engineering got more busy and interesting.

My fascination for Chuck continued even after college. Though from Tuesday, my favorite day shifted to Saturday because of season-5 airing change and watching alone without friends became lesser fun. Even after 2 months I still feel how can someone stop such an amazing series and a bunch of boring and monotonous series air for a dozen of seasons. The problem with low viewership of Chuck, IMO, was that it was too good a show and it was meant for geekish people who spend less time watching television and more in front of computer screens. Though, it has its shortcomings and after finishing whole series I can point out many loopholes in the storyline and the mythology of the series but I can proudly say that Chuck has given me best 96*45 minutes of entertainment. Even today whenever I feel a little low I start watching one of Chuck episode. I can’t express what I loved the most about it, there are lot of things actually, but performances by Yvonne Strahovski & Zachary Levi are worth mentioning. The chemistry between their characters was awesome.

Although its disappointing that Chuck is over now and I miss this show a lot but atleast I do have all those five seasons with me! And I’m gonna get a Chuck t-shirt printed for myself soon!

Will miss you Chuck forever!

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