Moto E is here! Will it be my first Droid…probably…

Posted on May 17th, 2014

Motorola recently launched its cheapest and probably the best budget Android phone out there and I’m really making my mind to buy one. As can be seen with my work and tweets I’m not an Android fan but I don’t despise it either. I tend to like near stock Android provided by Motorola and with latest Android version and cheap price Moto E is certainly and great deal.

The only reason I want an Android device is Google Maps. Sadly BlackBerry Z10 does not have a working free Map app for India and times when I need to access maps I feel helpless. I don’t use too many apps, neither I’m into mobile games so my Z10 is a near perfect device for me. Its multi-tasking and intuitive interface are few things which never make think about certain things(other than maps) which I might be missing and are available on Android. Also with BlackBerry 10.2 OS it is butter smooth to install Android apps onto the device so most BB10 users might not be facing that app gap.

Also, after getting my Nokia N950 snatched from roadside I don’t want to risk something costly on Android and as precious as Red Z10. For almost last two years I have been using a INR 1000 dumbphone as my main phone. It is more like a punishment for me for not being more cautious and losing that precious device :'( But I think it is now time to switch to something better. Moto E with its price satisfies all these conditions. It is cheap so I won’t be too sad and worry about if something happens to it. It will be having Google Maps so next time on an unknown road I won’t have to feel lost. And also I won’t be missing listening FM with it, something which Z10 surprisingly lacked. Resolution is good too in comparison with other devices in same price category and it is one thing where I feel Micromax has lost it. I know I have greatly emphasized on buying an India brand earlier but what can I do Motorola has made me change my allegiance 😛

Problem with many Indian brand especially Micromax is that most of their devices are over-sized with respect to screen resolution they offer. Those 5 inch screens look abruptly large and personally I don’t like them a bit. Still these phones are a much better deal when compared to similar devices from one of those Korean brands that makes some of the most ugliest Android devices with some awfully high prices.

Nevertheless, I think Moto E rightly tagged  as Price for All. If not for all it is certainly priced for many and hopefully I’ll be getting one soon. In confusion to buy one or not I have already missed some nice launch offers by Flipkart but I hope won’t be facing same indecision when it will be available again on one of my favorite online shopping site in India with a Red back cover!



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