Nothing is amazing: Nokia Lumia 800

Posted on February 7th, 2012

Finally my second developer gift through Nokia Launchpad membership arrived, it is a Nokia Lumia 800 and within few moments I was getting feeling that this device is not for me, contrary to whatever I have seen in its commercial with the tagline “Amazing everyday”.

After a wait of almost an year, practically over a month, Nokia India finally forwarded Nokia Lumia 800 to my home address. It came through very NOT (atleast for me) so reliable courier carrier TNT.

Whats good..

For me, it was hard to found but still,

Packaging – Its a kind of funny but I loved the Nokia packaging for this one. Got 4 different Nokia phones within the span of last 1 year but this one has something cool in it.

Hardware Design – Always wanted a Nokia N9 ever since it was announced so getting a similar looking device is really great.

Some aspects of UI – Was following Windows Phone 7 UI videos on YouTube for while and I kind of liked it but using it was not so much fun as watching it in videos. But the things that I loved about it are: colors – amazing they are, transitions – they are so much cool, even cooler to an extent to what I have seen with QML.

Camera – Camera is much better than what I had on my Nokia N950. Better quality pictures and great camera app atleast in terms of seeing recently captured images.

Whats bad…

I can write a whole essay on it but unfortunately I’m not yet able to use this device in any way,

Micro SIM – I don’t know whom to blame for this but it made difficult for me switch SIM from my other phones.

Missing IP Support – Unable to set IP made it impossible for me to run internet on this device (For some reasons my ISP only runs internet when I set the secondary DNS). Even my Nokia N85 had this 2 years back.

Missing Mass Storage Support – Why the there is no Mass Storage Feature? Just to transfer a single song I have to download a useless ~400mb of software/updates.

No Bluetooth file transfer – No mass storage, no Bluetooth file transfer, this device can’t be used to transfer media unless you have Vuze installed or a good mobile internet.

Lack of options in status bar – Maybe this because I didn’t had a SIM on the device but I was not able get any menus pop-up on clicking status bar, it was strange for me!

No front camera – Seriously, I didn’t had any idea that Lumia 800 is not having front camera. Disappointing for a phone with this price tag!

No gestures – This thing doesn’t wake up on double tap which make it boring for me!


I have been using Nokia N950 for a while now and at present it is really difficult for me to use any new phone. A lot of time I start tapping or swiping on my other phones and only to realize later that they don’t have MeeGo in them. I really had high expectations with Windows Phone 7 but all that have turned into disappointments within few days. This Lumia thing is more of a collectible for me till now. As I’m writing this post it has been over a day since I had even touched it!

For a phone priced at INR 29k in India, this thing doesn’t worth it. It lacks simple features which a INR 10k will be having. OS is so temperamental that it makes Symbian look a premier one. And I can say this proudly I will buy a Symbian phone over a WP7 any day! Nokia should stop cheating its customers with devices like these priced so high. Else we can buy a much better Android phone for half of its price with only problem that it will not have a Nokia branding and its trust…

FU Microsoft for f*cking with a brand which I loved once!

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  1. ı think you hate very much nokia lumia 800. But nokia love it because this phone is first baby of nokia with windows phone mango. Yes I agree with you that prize is very high for this hardware (no front camera, no mass memory …). Ad nokia announce lumia 900 (or 910) with front face camera. In my opinion, the phone is bad but wp os is more powerful than symbian. So nokia choose it for their future. Nokia updating symbian os now. But in next years nokia will kill the os with own hand… They supports qt and maybe qt will die…
    I like qt ui in my nokia belle phone and i want to learn qt qml development. Do you have any idea on suggestion for qt or other developer languages for me?

  2. Yeah, WP OS maybe powerful than Symbian but for people like me its of no use and still requires a lot of development till I carry a WP device as my primary cellphone!
    For record, I don’t agree with you that Qt will die w/o Nokia. Qt is never gonna die, it will be better each day! RIM is working on it. It will be there for iOS & Android. And not to forget it will also be available for Raspberry Pi!

    For learning Qt you can try and for QML you can try some declarative example that comes with QtSDK

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