Qt Ambassador

Posted on March 23rd, 2011

Yay! Now I’m a Qt Ambassador and waiting eagerly for my Qt Ambassador Kit especially that Nokia C7 phone!

Got this mail from Qt Ambassador group for which I applied some 4-5 months back & I was a little surprised and it got even more interesting when got that second mail informing about Qt Ambassador Kit. Already awaiting for my Nokia E7 phone which I got from Nokia’s Calling All Innovators Contest it really made my day. However, now that I’m getting some appreciation for my little work, I have to start taking it more seriously.

So, on that note, these days I’m working on making FlickrUp better using QML and loving this hybrid development environment Qt+QML. Will try to release it in coming weeks as soon as I get chance to try it on one of my new phones 🙂

After this would love to work on drawing app for Symbian inspired by Sketchbook (Android). Saw it on Rohit’s cell and it is awesome. Loved the mirror feature in it…Hopefully I’ll be able to make ~50% like that.

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