Spider-Man, I’m not watching you again…ever!

Posted on May 19th, 2014

So second installment of Amazing Spider-Man series was here. I’m not a huge Spider-Man fan but always love to watch superhero, action movies. And with Emma Stone in the series I really liked the first one. Even Andrew Garfield as Spidey suits more than Tobey Maguire.

Watched it in Meerut at Era Mall, it has a nice 3D and comfortable seats although I can’t say same good things about the crowd there. But overall it is nice place to watch Hollywood movies in 3D DUBBED in HINDI. Yeah, I had to watch it in Hindi! No disrespect to my mother language but it feels really awkward to watch dubbed movies when I already know voice of actors in it. I loved to watch Harry Potter movies in Hindi but not so much with this one. But I must also admit that dubbing standards have greatly improved over the years.


Now back to the movie, with trailers itself movie looked awesome and full of action sequences. And without any doubts I can say it did not disappointed on that front even a bit. My disappointment with the movie, though, is related to something else 🙁 From first part itself I really loved the chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Gwen Stacy character was brilliantly portrayed by Emma Stone. And this sequel was no different. Both of them played their parts in a wonderful way and she look even more beautiful! Movie was well paced and action & emotional sequences were mixed quite nicely. Harry Osborne played by Dane DeHaan looked really mean and scary at times. Electro character was equally fantastic though Jamie Fox looked little over the top at start with his Spider-Man fascination.

Another great thing with this movie was its 3D effects. First time it looked like a movie is entirely made with keeping 3D in mind. There were some awesome 3D moments like at starting when Spider-Man was chasing robbers, fight scenes of Spider-Man & Electro, etc. Picturization of Spider-Man saving Gwen sequence was breath-taking and really was the moment of the movie which I’ll remember for a long long time. And that is where movie was a deal breaker for me! Why the hell you had to kill Gwen…why? I know they wanted to be true to the comic storyline but is it really necessary to make the same mistakes again and again.


I loved everything in the The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the music, the action, the comic scenes, 3D but I won’t be watching another Spider-Man movie of this series just for the reason that they killed one of my favorite character played by my favorite Hollywood actress! Just to be clear I watched it second time in English just for their real voices 😀

Miss you Gwen!

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