FlickrUp 3.0.3

Posted on June 4th, 2012

Phew!!! Finally….after almost a long 4 months I’m able to bring a major update to FlickrUp. A lot of users were mailing me and writing reviews requesting for certain features that FlickrUp was lacking, I hope I invested my precious time in the right direction and I’m able to satisfy many of them. With FlickrUp 3.03, user can access photos from his joined groups, edit photo/set/gallery details, see location for a photo and download allowed photos, delete photos from photostream. There are some changes in UI as well. To utilize screen better I’ve tried to show more details in landscape in some views which makes experience better. Another important change is addition of zoom feature in photo display view.

Many users had requested download feature ever since I’ve published the app. With this update, app allows user download photos which can be downloaded by the user depending on the owner’s privacy settings. From start, I knew that it is not something difficult to implement, the only problem was showing download details to user . I’ve tried to do my best to show download progress and allow downloads queue and continue in background. With this I hope many users now will be able to download the photos the like and use them as their wallpapers.

Since version 2.0.0, I also wanted to implement pinch-zoom feature in the application but with QtQuick 1.0 it was difficult to implement for someone like me. I never wanted slider mechanism for zooming therefore I chose to not use it with earlier updates. I tried somethings with GestureArea element from lab but it was bit tricky. Now I switched to QtQuick 1.1 and used PinchArea element with MouseArea to get the desired experience. My imperfect code for pinch-zoom can be found here.

I’ve also tried to play with QtMobility to show and set location data for a photo. Although, it is not perfect but still it came out better than I expected and  I’ll look forward to improve it in future!

I hope with these additions FlickrUp will be a better mobile app although it still has some way to go such as performance, notifications, etc. but I can honestly say that this update has bee my best programming effort to date 🙂

Some issues with this update:

  • There is some update problem when using latest store client from Nokia beta labs. Store client fails to update app on the device and older version is installed again.
    Try doing a clean install to prevent this if using client from beta labs.
  • Hidden content in some views(photo details, comments etc.). Sometimes some content is not fully shown and is only visible when flicking at the end.
    Try switching orientation, it will get normal.

Below are some screen shots for new version

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  1. Hallo Mr. Kumar!

    Thanks for FlickrUp! Well done! Wish you all the best.

    Make a paid option without adds. Will certainly purchase one.

    Best regards,


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