Just a thought after reading about Nokia Lumia 510

Posted on October 23rd, 2012

So here it is, yet another over-priced, good for nothing, outdated, ‘so–called affordable’ WP 7.5 device from a company I once loved called Nokia. Anyone reading this article and is a Microsoft, Windows Phone, new generation Nokia fan please close the current tab unless you are using one of those pathetic versions of Internet Explorer.

Only a hour back I opened my laptop to pass some time of this boring life and the first thing I checked on twitter was Iron Man 3 trailer and it was awesome! I, kind of, don’t have words for it! That’s something usual for me after watching these sci-fi, action movies trailers. Only bad thing is that it is not coming soon :(. Dunno how they always make our superhero look absolute looser in these trailers but I love that style.  Christopher Nolan kind of style where everything goes extremely dark & depressing in 1st and 2nd half just blows away your mind!

Can’t understand why I’m writing about Iron Man when this post is titled Nokia Lumia 510. Just because former is scarily awesome and latter is bluntly crap! Ohk, so Lumia 510 was the second news I checked and like it happens these days with Nokia I had that Akshay Kumar kind of grin on my face. Reason was simple, I fail to understand how can a company that was market leader till few years back can be so mindless in pricing and even launching its devices. Seriously ~ INR 11k for Lumia 510 with these specifications(Specs at Nokia site). And I wasn’t even able to find processor details on Nokia page. Simple,  they might be using one of their pathetic 800MHz processor.

Even if I’m half conscious, I’ll never be buying this one. Additionally,when we have 10x better mobile phones from Karbonn, Micromax and many more! (I’m not citing Samsung, LG & other global companies just because they don’t fit into this post as I’m focusing only on India). But hum Indians toh Indians rahe  and some of us will surely buy this good for nothing product just because we don’t want to spend our hard-earned 😛 money on newer Indian companies and also we have that long established trust and bond with Nokia. Dunno what that trust is all about because last time when my sister dropped one of my Nokia(Lumia 800) from 3ft -3.5ft height its screen got shattered and now it is waiting in my cupboard for INR 11k to get it fixed. And last time when I went to Nokia Care to get my Nokia C7 fixed on which we spilled some water, they never fixed it even after keeping it with themselves for a month. So, even C7 is waiting as well for that one day to come when Nokia Care guy will call me that replacement for its  broken part  has arrived with them and we can get it fixed. Just for clarification, I never bought these two devices 🙂

With all this I can’t understand why in our country we cannot spend on indigenous companies when companies like Nokia are making fool of us with their over-priced products, for over a couple of years now. Just in  case, you wonder why I’m calling Lumia 510 outdated & over-priced read Windows Phone versions on Wikipedia or maybe better compare Lumia 510’s specs with same ranged products from other companies or just search Windows Phone on Google and you can find many really great(read pathetic) things about it!

Few days back I was reading this article in Yojana(civil services stuff) which says India now has 900mn mobile users but sadly very few of them are using Indian products (although 12% of global handsets are manufactured in India still very less compared to China’s ~50%). It is obvious that many of our Indian phones & tablets are not comparable with products from companies like Samsung, Nokia, LG, Apple, etc. but what about Lumia 510 and Karbonn A21. I’m not saying that we should blindly buy devices from Indian companies but can’t we give them a chance if we can…Haldiram’s, Cafe Coffee Day might not have been same when they started!

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