Why there is no retirement age for politicians???

Posted on July 9th, 2010

So much being said and discussed about amount of youth population in our country. India is considered one of the youngest country in the world as our median age comes out to be 25.1 years. Around 60% of our population is considered to be in this category of young people but it is just an irony that despite having so much young talent not even a single person finds himself in any of the top positions in our country. Maybe it is justified in service sector but what about politics. The only fields where we can find some young blood are sports, cinema or business. But the problem is that apart from business none of them can really help India progress. And the reason for young people excelling in cinema & sports is mainly that no one will like to watch a 60+ year old couple romancing and dancing, or a fast bowler bowling yorkers in his sixties.

My point is that when there is a retirement age for every Government post or any post in any service that can be held by an individual than why no age limit for our politicians.
The position is so pathetic that if we go through heads of top 15 ministries of the country we will find only one name below the retirement age India (generally 58-62yrs, different for different organizations). And majority of our respected ministers cross this retirement age with ease.

Sl. No. Name Ministries Age
1 Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of Indiaand Other ministries not allocated to anyoneMinistry of Personnel, Public Grievances and PensionsDepartment of Space 77
2 Pranab Mukherjee Minister of Finance 73
3 P Chidambaram Minister of Home Affairs 63
4 A K Antony Minister of Defence 68
5 Sharad Pawar Minister of AgricultureandMinister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution 68
6 Veerappa Moily Minister of Law and Justice 69
7 S. M. Krishna Minister of External Affairs 77
8 Virbhadra Singh Minister of Steel 75
9 Vilasrao Deshmukh Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises 64
10 Ghulam Nabi Azad Minister of Health and Family Welfare 60
11 Sushilkumar Shinde Minister of Power 68
12 Mamata Banerjee Minister of Railways 54
13 Farooq Abdullah Minister of New and Renewable Energy 72
14 S. Jaipal Reddy Minister of Urban Development 67
15 Kamal Nath Minister of Road Transport and Highways 62

There are only few names in present Council of Ministers who falls in range of 25-40 years and all of them are given Minister of States rank.

Sl. No. Name Ministries Age
1 Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia Ministry of Commerce and Industry 38
2 Sachin Pilot Ministry of Communications and Information Technology 31
3 Agatha Sangma Ministry of Rural Development 28

And maybe the reputed names mentioned in the first table are more qualified and educated than the second one and many others but the point is the age at which they themselves need crutches to walk most of the time how can they run a whole country. Maybe that’s why there is no innovation, creativity  and desire to get fast results in our system. And that’s why we say that we are progressing at a rate of 8% but only 8% of us are progressing at that pace.

The condition will remain same because the people who decide our country’s future had not planned their future well and they will not set any retirement age for themselves because yeh pyaas hai badi…In Paa movie, Auro says that our politicians always wear white clothes because this country is dying…but I feel that they wear white clothes because it may be end of day for any of them so it will help them making a quick visit.

But still friends don’t lose faith in this system and mainly in yourself because it is not because those 90 bad people that this system is up & running but it is because of those 10 good people…

Note: I’m really sorry if I’ve hurt feelings of any individual through my writing.

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