Shopper is a Qt based eBay app, BlackBerry10 version being built using Cascades framework. It supports browsing and searching products, view categories, item details, user detail, addition and removal in watch list.
It is aimed to be a fully feature eBay client for mobile platform.


  • Homescreen showing currently popular items that can be changed with setting custom keywords.
  • Category list showing a list of primary category for user selected site(India, US, UK, etc.) which can be clicked to show items and subcategories of a particular category. Category listing requires user account.
  • Search – User can search items with a particular set of keywords.
  • User account – Shopper need a user account setup to access all its features. It enables user to add and remove item from user watchlist, see user details and see user’s buying summary.

Shopper is built with a mixture of eBay’s Shopping, trading, finding & merchandising APIs with custom Qt/C++ wrapper written to access all API methods. Due to this reason, a vast number of features can be added in it in future.



Privacy policy

Shopper – Privacy Policy

Report problems

There might be some problem areas which you can report here or tweet me @ShwStppr