Nokia N950: Enabling Landscape mode for homescreen and getting rid of it!

Posted on August 17th, 2011

As awesome as anything Nokia N950 with Meego Harmattan is but currently it lacks landscape mode support on home screens and many other installed apps. And like many other developers, this intrigued me to try to enable landscape support. I searched and found LandscapeEnabler on to enable landscape mode for home screens but later found that it was a terrible idea because there is a icon redraw bug with current firmware for this feature. And I was left with something like this:

After seeing this I want to disable this feature instantly and didn’t want to re-flash my device because I’ve already done that thrice in two days so I again went to google found this post:

Here, I got the idea what LandscapeEnabler is actually doing. I did ssh to my device and tried changing meegotouchhome.css file by setting:

  locked-orientation: "portrait";

but it didn’t worked and I was getting error: Permission denied. Some more searching and I found that “develsh” command can do the trick and it did. So, finally I disabled landscape mode on my N950!

What I did:

ssh root@localhost
Password: rootme
develsh cd /usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch/
rm -fr meegotouchhome /sbin/initctl
restart xsession/mthome

Hopefully, Nokia will remove this glitch in coming firmware updates and we will be able to use landscape orientation on homescreen and other apps.

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