CutePress available on Nokia Store

Posted on December 13th, 2011

Too much with Flickr, so I decided to work on a new app, something that I can use myself. While looking for other apps found WordPress client for Nokia available on Nokia store. It was useful and working fine but didn’t get along with new QML UI apps and also was not available for MeeGo. Its development is not anymore active so I thought why not work on it as I use WorPress myself for my site.

It took a while to get going with its source code but finally I made my way to CutePress. As we have limited fuctionalities with XML-RPC methods so can’t do much addition but I tried to simplify uploading images for adding into posts. I was not able to add stats feature in it as I was not able to use stats feature in original application as well. Hopefully, will be adding this in future and this will be just a start.

It has some issues with current release and you can find them ad more here: CutePress

I didn’t want to merge my code with WP for Nokia source right now as I don’t feel my code qualifies to be merge anywhere. IMHO its not that well written and my design sucks! Hopefully, in future it will be merged! For time being my code can be found here

You can download it here:

– Fixed web browser:
– Nokia mobile browser:

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  1. thanks for this great application. Works great! One Question: Is it / will it be possible to use an https:// connection?

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