FlickrUp updated to 2.1.0!

Posted on February 22nd, 2012

With version 2.0, user account support was added to FlickrUp. User can browse his photostream, photosets, galleries & favorites through it. Searching photos and browsing contact’s photostream was also supported but this was not enough. Personally I wanted to browse photos of any user whose photo I came across, so I updated FlickrUp to 2.1 to do so!

With FlickrUp 2.1.0, we can browse photostream, photosets, galleries & favorites of any user whose photo we are seeing either though search or in explore page.

As lists was not much fun for browsing photos so I also added grid view for every view. User can switch to list to grid or grid to list from a button row present in the toolbar. Default view can be set from settings.

Caching gallery images was taking a lot of time so I have tried to make some improvements to that and it has worked. I tried with ~3gb images and earlier it was taking nearly 25mins to cache on first run and ~5mins to show on next run. Now it shows first 50 images in <45secs and more images(next 50) are loaded every time user reaches at the end of list/grid.

I have also tried to add some gestures in this version. You can try swiping an item in list view left or right. But swipe has to be made after holding the press for a moment because it will not work otherwise as gesture conflicts with parent QML ListView item. In short, it needs a little practice.

There are also some graphical changes to it. Added a new splash screen for E6 users and a colorful new icon to reflect amount of features available.

There is also the fix for Belle upload problem. Hopefully, it will soon pass QA process and will be available on Nokia Store.

With these upgrades FlickrUp has become a better application but it still needs some improvements(a lot!). In future, I’m planning to add groups & activity support to it. Geo data is also another distant goal. One thing that I really want for next version is customizing size of images in grid view because it is difficult to get the feel of photo in 75x75px thumbnail especially in MeeGo with hi-res.

Below are some screen shots for new version

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